Johnston County, NC Arrests


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* All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Year: 2015

Jan[525] Feb[324] Mar[607] April[571] May[601] June[628]
July[78] Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Year: 2014

Jan[502] Feb[465] Mar[496] April[541] May[602] June[579]
July[503] Aug[647] Sep[694] Oct[581] Nov[611] Dec[594]

Year: 2013

Jan[467] Feb[473] Mar[526] April[551] May[548] June[580]
July[594] Aug[603] Sep[635] Oct[544] Nov[503] Dec[585]

Year: 2012

Jan[655] Feb[528] Mar[772] April[638] May[724] June[1865]
July[572] Aug[478] Sep[535] Oct[548] Nov[477] Dec[468]

Year: 2011

Jan[611] Feb[630] Mar[614] April[650] May[708] June[715]
July[700] Aug[759] Sep[747] Oct[732] Nov[649] Dec[660]