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  Bone Suckin’ Grilled Turkey
  Serves 6 - 10. See BoneSuckin.com for more recipes.
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  Bone Suckin’ Sauce, (4) 16 oz. jars
Turkey (fresh or thawed) under 16 lbs.
Meat thermometer
  Remove insides of Turkey and wash. Preheat oven or grill to 350° using half the burners. Place turkey on grill away from the lit burners. Cooking time is between 2 to 2 1/2 hours for 8-12 pound Turkey or 3 to 4 hours for 12-16 lb. turkey. (Keep the grill closed and let it cook.) Turkey internal temperature needs to be 180°.

During the last 20 minutes, baste with Bone Suckin’ Sauce on each side, turning once. Coat turkey generously. Wait 15-20 minutes after you take Bone Suckin’ Turkey off the grill before carving. After carving use one jar of Bone Suckin’ Sauce and pour over carved Bone Suckin\, Turkey. Use a jar of Bone Suckin’ Mustard for incredible leftover sandwiches!
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