4042 Games
After a  hard day of Web Surfing, it's nice to unwind with a simple game or two. 
We've got some of the classics for you here at 4042.com.  Try these time tested favorites!
  Marbles! An ever growing line of them winding towards their destination...can you stop them?


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  The mouse is loose! Your job is to box him in and prevent him from escaping!

Multiplayer Game! It's classic eight-ball. Grab a cue and meet a friend online for your own pool tournament!

Click here for multiplayer game instructions.
  10 seconds on the clock and counting! Check out the direction and strength of your opponents then set your own strategy!! It's easy as you start out - but if you don't have a plan you'll end up using all your "magic wands" too early!  
  It's an old favorite with a new twist! Play 1..2...or 3 games at the same time. How many can you handle at once?! You'll learn quickly that the "clock is ticking" as you line up the stars. Make it quick or you'll get locked down!  
  It's the toughest 9 holes in Johnston County! You can play a round no matter what the weather is like. FORE! "Houston - we are GO for descent to the surface!" Now it's up to you to carefully control the landing capsule - easy does it!
  Ready to try out your mastermind number puzzle solving strategy? Grab the top score!! Possibly one of the most addictive games you'll ever play! Plan your strategy and work quickly...before the weight drops! Can you hold the top score position?
  Are you up to this classic card challenge? It's our very own version! Claim the top by recording your score!! Strap yourself in and get ready for fast paced action!  Tailgunner (Java) Takes a few moments to start, but it is worth the wait...crank up the volume on your sound card for the best effect!
Deep sea action....whatever you do, DON'T shoot the dolphin! Torpedo (Java)  Couple of moments to start, then the action begins and gets more difficult with each level. You are up against the wall ! Grab your paddle and smash through with Breakout! Lots of game variations that you contro (Java)
You are surrounded in space and your only chance is to blast your way out! Asteroids (Java)  Remember this classic on the Atari?  Just like the original! THEY are coming!  The action gets faster as you wipe out descending aliens. Invaders (Java)
Test your word power with this all time classic - Hangman! Tic Tac Toe - Oh sure, it seems easy!  Let us know if you manage to win a game!