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Default JoCo Schools suggestion for next year.

Please schedule open houses on different dates, especially for middle and high schools that are fed by our local elementary schools. PES and CHS same date, same time makes it near impossible to get kids to both such that the information was worth the trip.
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While we are not in that situation, one day we will be. Provided we stay here long enough. I think it should be staggered as well, as it alleviates parking issues at some locations (McGees in particular)
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Seems like a good idea
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Was a BIG issue for us b/c we have kids in elementary, middle and high school. In addition, many of mine have multiple teachers due to needing extra help. Meeting resource teachers and such takes time. My son had an appointment at neurology that day made 6 months prior. Could not miss it. So it was just me. My husband could not tag team this year. After elementary school, I barely had time to make it to the middle school to grab the schedule. I arrived at elementary school at 5:07. Started at 5 though by then, NO place to park. Never even made it to the high school. Different days would indeed help. I spoke with many other parents that had the same exact problem. Great suggestion and hope they listen.

Stephanie-- mom to 10 (soon to be 11)
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I would like to know why our high school just started working on schedules the day of open house? Some of the kids schedules just did not make sense. When I called the lady that answered the phone said they were just working on the upperclassmens schedules with the open house that same nite.
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A/C would have been nice. I guess it costs too much to run. 6th , 7th , and 8th grade all at the same time?????
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The state has a new system in place for info/schedules and it was FULL of issues this past week. Student Services have been trying to get schedules printed for a couple of weeks, fighting this system every step of the way. Finally, the "powers that be" were contacted in Raleigh and things started falling into place...of course, in Thursday! I guess it is better LAST Thursday than this coming Thursday!!
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McGee's Middle was chaotic, didn't have my daughters schedule in the system, we were redirected for "help" three times before reaching the correct room and parking was a nightmare.
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And what's the deal with changing the Bus stops? Now we have to walk nearly a 1/2 mile to get to the stop? when there are 3 kids at this stop, and only 2 at the one in the beginning of the subdivision. These kids are not High schoolers, but young ladies. When it gets dark this fall, it'll be a lot more dangerous.

Stops should just be the same, at least in this subdivision, because of the way the streets are set up.

I understand that they have to change based on needs, but the needs didn't change from last year. so what gives? there are just as many kids at this end of the subdivision that there were last year.
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last time I checked, Open House was not mandatory....

just sayin'....

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