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Default Arbitron

has anyone else received information from the Arbitron 'ratings' company?

Basically they're asking you to participate by wearing a device, they call it a 'personal meter' and says it will 'automatically collect and store a special silent signal that is part of radio, tv and cable broadcasts', then each night you place into the charger and it transmits this info for their use for ratings.

And they'll pay you $$ for ea month that you participate.
Sounds interesting and easy enough - but I am skeptical?
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I have never heard of it, but a quick google surfaced videos on youtube accusing Arbitron of undercounting minorities, and having a negative effect on minority radio stations. It seems the Attorney Generals in NY & NJ had gotten involved, this was back in fall of 08.

Oh, and this was funny -
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arbitron is the rating service used by most advertisers to determine how to place radio buys. the new "people meter" is an advance over the old handwritten diary version of the listening survey. it's the "nielsen" of radio.

arbitron has had its issues over the years. they attempt to take a small sample and make it representative of a whole market by weighting various groups differently. they might think one group is less likely than another to fill out the diary, and they will either offer someone in that group more money to participate (like 10 bucks insted of 5), or they might "weight" a particular group by adding a built-in multiplyer. a difficult science, to say the least. and since arbitron is the most recognized and respected, only a few others have tried to rival them over the years, all have failed.

the upshot is that i would encourage you to do the survey. looking at it from a listener standpoint, this gives you huge power over local radio. your listening habits will be extrapolated, and as one person you might wind up representing 10's of thousands of people...
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