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Default Bent and Dent Appliances

My washer died at a bad time of year as far as money goes! Anywho.... was wondering if there was any where I could get a new washer/dryer that was just a little rough around the edges but still in great working condition. Like floor models with scratches, etc. Thanks for any help or advice you could give me. We tried getting a used washer and of course got one that didnt work properly. Will not trust getting another used one! Thanks!
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Try Blackmond appliances, they are in the Forest Hills shopping center, 'round the back side. Give them a call, their service fees are VERY reasonable, I'm talking dirt cheap. They also have used appliances for sale.
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Try Garner TV and Appliance. I haven't dealt with them in quite a while but I'm pretty sure I've seen "scratch and dent" mark downs. Wouldn't hurt to call anyways. Good luck.
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I bought a floor model from Best Buy a couple years ago, it didn't work when they hooked it up and they gave me a new one for the same price after DH spoke to a manager. Well, "spoke" is polite, that wasn't their original plan.
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ooo ooo - best place is Ray Appliances in Four Oaks. New and used and thy deliver. i got a few things there and know other people who have bought even more from him. Located on 301 next to the mexican grocery store - not edwards - the other one, on the other side on the street . He has stuff insode, outside and in other places. His phone used to be 524-1588 but that was a bit ago.
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Try Lowe's Home Improvement. We got our dryer from there and it had a small scratch on it. Got a nice discount. They used to have the scratched and dented appliances up against the side wall in the appliance section. Not sure where they are now though.

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